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Emergency Volvo Truck Tyre Repairs

Emergency lorry tyre repair call outs are critical in situations where a lorry's tyre has blown out, punctured or damaged. Such incidents can cause significant downtime and disrupt operations, and that's where our emergency tyre repair services come in handy.

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Attention lorry fleet owners! Our mobile tyre fitting services for lorry fleets offer convenient and efficient solutions to your tyre needs. Our experienced team handles all types of lorry tyres, providing on-site fitting services to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

MAN Truck Tyres: Innovations in Technology and Sustainability for Optimal Performance

MAN Trucks is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks, producing vehicles for various applications, including long-haul transportation, construction, and municipal services. The tyres used on MAN trucks play a critical role in ensuring the vehicle's safety, performance, and efficiency.

One key difference between MAN Trucks and other truck brands is their focus on innovative technology and sustainability. The company is committed to reducing emissions and improving fuel efficiency in their vehicles, and this focus extends to the tyres they use.

Here are some of the best tyres used on MAN Trucks:

  1. Continental Conti EcoPlus: This tyre offers excellent fuel efficiency and low rolling resistance, which can help reduce emissions and improve cost-effectiveness for fleet operators.
  2. Michelin X Multi Energy: This tyre is designed for long-haul transportation and provides excellent mileage, fuel efficiency, and wet traction.
  3. Goodyear Marathon LHS II+: This tyre is specifically designed for regional haul and urban delivery applications, providing excellent durability and wet traction.
  4. Bridgestone R249: This tyre offers superior handling and stability for on-highway use, with excellent fuel efficiency and long wear life.
  5. Pirelli FG85: This tyre is designed for off-road and construction applications, with superior traction and durability on rough terrain.

Overall, the tyres used on MAN Trucks are carefully selected to meet the unique needs of each model and application, providing optimal performance and efficiency while maintaining the highest standards of safety and durability.

The Top 5 Most Common Tyre Sizes for MAN Trucks and Their Applications

MAN Trucks use a variety of tyre sizes, depending on the specific model and application. Here are the five most common tyre sizes used on MAN Trucks:

  1. 295/80R22.5: This is a popular size for long-haul and regional haul applications, offering a good balance of durability, fuel efficiency, and handling.
  2. 315/80R22.5: This size is commonly used for heavy-duty applications, such as construction and mining, where the vehicle requires maximum load-carrying capacity and durability.
  3. 385/65R22.5: This is a wide-base tyre size used primarily in regional and urban delivery applications, providing excellent stability and load-carrying capacity.
  4. 315/70R22.5: This size is commonly used in long-haul and regional haul applications, providing good fuel efficiency, handling, and durability.
  5. 295/60R22.5: This is a low-profile tyre size that is commonly used in urban delivery and regional haul applications, providing good handling and maneuverability in tight spaces.

It is important to note that the appropriate tyre size for a specific MAN Truck model will depend on various factors, including the vehicle's weight, load-carrying capacity, and operating conditions. It is crucial to consult with a qualified tyre professional to select the best tyre size and type for a specific MAN Truck application.

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