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An Emergency Call-Out Service Done Correctly.

Scania Mobile Tripper Truck Fitting
Scania Mobile Tripper Truck Fitting
Scania Mobile Tripper Truck Fitting

HGV Tyre Business Saves the Day with Prompt On-Site Tyre Repair for Stranded Coach Driver in Heathrow. TW

One of our clients, a large coach rental company, faced a challenge when a blowout occurred on one of their fleets of coaches while a driver was on a trip to Heathrow. The blowout caused significant damage to the tire, making the coach immobile.

The driver was stranded in Heathrow, and the company needed a quick and reliable solution to minimize the inconvenience caused to the passengers and avoid any additional expenses. Our HGV Tyre business was contacted for assistance.

Our team of experts quickly assessed the situation and recommended an on-site tire repair instead of a replacement, as the damage was not severe. We dispatched a technician with the necessary equipment to Heathrow, and within an hour, the tire was repaired, and the coach was ready to hit the road again. The driver was relieved and grateful for the prompt response, which allowed him to complete the journey without any further delays.

Our client was impressed with the quick and efficient service we provided. They appreciated our expertise, timely response, and professionalism in handling the situation. They continue to rely on our HGV Tyre business for their fleet's tire needs, knowing that we provide top-notch service and support whenever they need it.


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